Context Awareness Technology Research on Mobile Terminal

With the popularity of smart phones and the rise of mobile Internet, cellphones and other mobile terminals gradually become part of human daily life. According to statistics information, smart phone users in China are mainly young people, but those over 60 years of age are gradually become the important consumers of the smart phone market. And more and more people regard iphone and ipad as the first choice for their parents, so the elderly hold great potential in China’s smart phone market.

Context awareness technology comes from pervasive computing research, it can obtain the information of user’s environment through sensors, so as to further understand user’s motivation and so on. Especially for mobile Internet devices, mobile sensor technology is of great significance for user research. At the same time, a more important direction of context-awareness technology for user experience design is so-called “initiative service design”, i.e. computers(especially mobile computers) can adaptively change through context sensing, especially in the user interface, to provide push service. Such as cellphones can automatically become mute in the conference room and the cinema according to location and other information, screen calls by detecting the driver’s status according to GPS and motion sensor signals and so on.

In China, more than 200 million people are over 60 years old. According to a report released by the World Health Organization, more than 300000 people die of falling down every year, and most of which are over 60 years of age. It can be said that tumble turn into the number one killer of the elderly. Therefore, it has become an important issue in context awareness that smart phones can automatically send text messages to the family for help by detecting tumble according to the motion sensors.

Supported by Science Technology Department of Zhejiang Province