New Interactive Device Research
Based on Electromyography


In the mobile Internet era, how to make computer-to-human interaction naturally simulate human interaction has become increasingly important. “Biological, mechanical, electrical integration” is one of the important trends of human-computer interaction in the future, which is that the cognitive or perceptual signals (such as Electromyography, EMG ) of the organism are digitized by a specific sensor device, and integrate with the other signals of other perceptual or cognitive channels, then naturally and synergistically complete a variety of human-computer interaction tasks.

This project is supported by the National 863 High-Tech Program, focusing on the new human-computer interaction technology that combines the EMG physiological signals and the motion sensing signals. This enables the computer to identify human interaction gestures accurately and efficiently, and to develop a new type of interaction device based on EMG and motion sensor for mobile computing platform.

Supported by National 863 High-Tech Program